About Us


The Centre welcomes refugees and asylum seekers at many different stages of their journey from those waiting to hear about an asylum claim, to others with refugee status who need help with learning English, or other aspects of settling in the UK.

We know that it takes time to find a way to belong, especially after leaving one's own country under traumatic conditions, so we strive to give people that time.

Our particular concern is for refugees and asylum seekers who don't yet speak English and so find it hard to communicate. We work together to build a safe, positive experience of community where people can share their gifts with one another and strangers can become friends.

We work with men and women from all over the world including Eritrea, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Colombia, Iran, Iraq and India.

Due to changes in the way English as a second language is funded, the Centre had to reduce the number of days it was open in September 2015 to just one day. Thanks to a successful appeal led by Juliet Stevenson will are open two days a week from February 2016, and are now urgently raising money to open three days a week later this year. Make a donation here

"I love the lunch here. I taste the kindness from the people who make the food. It is not just food, it is something that belongs to our soul." Student

"The Centre is important to me because I have a chance to see people, to get to know other cultures, to talk and refresh my mind with other things. I love it when my days are different." Student

Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants is a registered charity in England and Wales - Number: 1135205 - Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England & Wales - Number: 07076199.
Registered address: 16-18 Cross Street, London N1 2BG