This is the key that unlocks the door,
to my future, my dreams and desires –
my heart, my life.

This is the gold key from the Diamond City,
The key to the English National Bank,
the Manager’s room.

This key will be for my access,
to open my mind, expand my brain…
it is the key to my imagination.

This key means success.
This is the key to my personal story,
the key that unlocks my diary –
my small history.

The key that leads me on my way
to my family, to my spirit, to begin my journey.
This key is for my rented car, the car I need for my journey.

This is the key to the writing of my first book,
the key to my cupboard
to lock things away and keep them safe –
the key to my past
and a way back to the future.

This door leads to the Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants
to my classroom. It is a doorway in to school –
to new friendships,
to what I am looking for,
a quiet place.
It is a doorway to go in to, and come out from.
A doorway to the sounds of children’s voices,
playing, learning.
A doorway to and from people’s stories that should be told.

This is a doorway to strength of mind.
One key…many doors.
Keep this key safe – you may need it one day.

By members of the Centre
Written at Arts and Writing class with Sita Brahmachari and Jane Ray, 4 June 2015

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